April 2019
Liselotte Östblom is an upcoming big name that we will hear more about.
— Magnus Nygren, Editor in chief, Orkesterjournalen #3 2017
If you want to- and you will want to- see this as a proof that Liselotte Östblom is an upcoming superstar. And when you listen to her Gretchen Parlato- and Stevie Wonder-influenced jazz you get even more evidence.
— Johan Jacobsson, Orkesterjournalen.se
This is on all levels a soulful as an impressively focused debut (...) a personal refinement of a strong black soul tradition from Stevie Wonder to Erykah Badu
— Dan Backman, Rec publ i Orkesterjournalen 3/2017

Furthermore from Dan Backman's review :

"Liselotte Östblom sings smoothly with dedication and heartfelt emotion."

"Colored by jazz and hiphop and sometimes added with a light gospel touch that fits well with texts that have both an earthly and heavenly perspective on life and love."

"six beautifully composed, intelligently arranged and professionally produced songs."

"hovering around as cosmically jazzy as Lonnie Liston Smith made in the 70's - she's catching me already there"


Jazzradio SR P2, Swedish National Radio

The weekly jazz radio show played Liselotte Östblom’s single “Everlasting Love” on the Swedish National Radio.


Feature in Kyrkans Tidning,

‘Liselotte a new star on the jazz heavens’ feature interview with Liselotte Östblom in Kyrkans Tidning, The Swedish Church’s National Newspaper in their edition about music and creativity.